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Full Gospel Business Men's Fellowship Greater Boston Chapter
Full Gospel Business Men's Fellowship Greater Boston Chapter

    Boston Chapter Open Breakfest Meeting                 


Medford Ma
95 Station Landing, Medford, MA 02155
Ron Clark will be our guest speaker. 
Please RSVP either here or on 
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to let me know ow you plan to attend. 
First timers come as our guest.  
Others please be as generous as you can..
it costs us $27 for the meal and offering is beyond that.  But we won't turn anyone away. we reserved for 25 people. 
Pastor Ron felt God calling him to go on the road as an evangelist and share what God has been doing through his healing ministry for the past 35+ years. He has witnessed many healings, miracles and deliverances. Ron has seen blind eyes opened and deaf ears restored to hearing, as well as the lame leaping and praising God! His life has been a testimony of the on-going miraculous and powerful works of God. He believes that his sharing what he has seen and experienced with God for almost thirty years will spark new fire within our churches and especially the youth.
Ron talked about one of the most profound healing experiences that changed his life forever. “It occurred in Mongolia where we were having a tent revival meeting, when they brought in a nine-year-old boy named Octenbeyer, who was born blind. I was shocked that God would give me such an opportunity to pray for this boy. I prayed, “Father, in the name of Jesus, glorify Yourself and open his eyes”. The interpreter asked him if he could see and she fell to her knees crying, as she said, “He can see!” I tested him one eye at a time by having him point to my hand as I waived it in front of him. He pointed correctly each time and then laughed and ran out of the tent by himself. I fell to my knees crying for the wonderful miracle I had just witnessed. God continued that night to heal five more blind people and several deaf people during the next six hours of prayer. God’s love is the key to all the healings and miracles – I have never been the same after witnessing those events.” 
Matteo F
Full Gospel Business Mens Fellowship for America
Greater Boston Chapter

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 Held At : AC Hotel, Medford Ma

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Guest Speaker The Destiny Molders Worship Team

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